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Electric Skateboarding

eSK8 Options

When choosing an electric skateboard, lots of options exist, from DIY, to expensive custom brands.  There are AT (All Terrain) boards, single and dual pulley motors, hub motors, and even folding boards, and single wheel options.

DIY e-skate

Websites like DIYeboard help the DIY crowd custom build their own esk8.  It can be cheaper than buying an off the shelf model, but does require time and effort to research.

Pulley Motors

Pulley motor boards use an external motor that is attached to the trucks. The motor attaches to a pulley, that connects to teeth on a bearing sleeve that fits in the skateboard wheel.

Hub Motors

Hub motor boards have the motor inside the wheels.  Typically the rear wheels.  These can be quieter and allow the board to look more like a traditional skateboard because there is not all the extra hardware hanging on the trucks. 

AT: All Terrain Boards

AT boards allow the rider to take them offroad.  Find a bike or hiking trail and shred.  AT boards have larger wheels.

Other options

The OneWheel fits into a category all its own.   The LeifTech board has rotating center wheels that give it a snowboard feel. 

Riptide Review

Preston from Press Reset reviews the Riptide Electric Skateboard


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