Best Electric Skateboards Ranked?

Electric Skateboard Rankings Suck

We aren't going to say which board is the best or which is the worst.  There are some great boards out there, and some not so great ones.    Everyone is going to have their personal favorites and preferences and that's cool... we are just give you a list of some that don't suck to check out. 


Boosted is probably one of the most well known electric skateboards (eSk8) on the market.   They seem to be everywhere, east coast, west coast, north or south - you will find a Boosted electric longboard. For Spring 2018, they released a new Boosted Mini - all the Boosted power and grace in a standard skateboard sized package.  


Riptide was born out of Eric Birkemeier's desire to bring to market a more portable, and maneuverable eSk8, at a much lower price.  The Riptide R1 board is 32" long and has cutouts for easy carrying, and a kicktail for easier turns and ollies up and down curbs.


Meepo was started by Keiran, a 20 something engineering student in China.  He was working at an eSk8 distributor and got to try all the different parts and components and decided that he could put something really nice together - high quality, low price, and fun to ride.  With no marketing budget to speak off, Kieran put a video on Youtube and word of mouth from Reddit and Youtube launched Meepo into the market. 


WowGo was started by Jason & Aiden in Shenzen.  They saw the excitement and passion for life as a guy rode by them on an eSk8 and determined that they would do the same.   They specialize in high quality, low price boards - they say WowGo is not a company or business, but a passion.

More to come